Your Religion Not So Important

Very good peice of learning from His Excellency Dalai Lama .

His saying that what our grand parents told us is the pure truth .

He is a well wisher of the human beings and all other beings in the Universe .

We all love and respect our grand parents and fondly remember them .

What wonders is that did our grand parents really know the truth .

What really is the truth .

What pure truth they told us was told to them by their grand parents and they
further learnt it from their grand parents and so on .

Did our great great grand parents really know themselves about what is the pure
truth .

They were handed down some philosophy which carries on till today may be slowly
with the passage of time and scientific discoveries and developements breaking
down many myths .

God is the ultimate truth the divine Golden White light . That is for sure .

How many did get there .

We are all children of the Divine Light Energy .

Then there is the worldly truth which has various meanings for various societies
In the process doing this and not doing that has been changing the values of the
truth .
Infact there is difference between Sat and Satya . Sat is the reality the truth
. Satya is sansaric
true which keeps changing with the changing times . Truth and True are miles
apart .

Over the centurires with the influence and interaction of the different foreign
cultures the
meanings have been changing .

People who rule the world have been making two sets of rules – one for
themselves and the
other for the people so that people keep clinging to the religious dogmas . If
they don’t they
are given various fears and guilts in the name of the God and the religion for
not abiding by what they
have been told for centurires .

The fear is a great tool to control people psycologically and the guilt is one
of the means to create fear and
self rejection which drains the entire energy .

Infact if you notice all the revered Religious leaders are also somewhere
subject to the rulers of the state
and are not totally free to say the real truth which they might know as the Pure
truth .

Infact Osho says truth can never be said – the moment it is said it becomes
false . Truth the Pure truth
can only be experienced .

Now come to the world of World business , Big Boys politics and even religion –
how will they manage
if a separate set of rules is not there for them and the people . They have to
remain immuned themselves
from the repercussions of the rules they create so that the Power to control the
people , countries and the
World remains with them .

The truth for them is diffrent than what is preached .

They lead and treat the human beings as cattle and heard and keep giving some
kind of a carrot for a better future here or in the other world .
What better way than the religious dogmas to be fed into the minds of the people
and conditioned to fear and guilt .

These have stubbournly become implanted in the collective consciouness of the
human race .
This is the way they have been mass mind controlling the people by giving them
fear and guilt .

If you happen to see their inside working methods for business , you will find
that they are doing the things which they have been stopping the society the
Human race from doing .
The only difference is that their grand parents gave them different version of
Truth .
They gave them boldness , bravery , courage , motivation , self confidence ,
success orientation , goals achievement. They did not give them fears and guilts
prescribed in the standard religion passed on from grand parents to grand
parents .

Dhirubhai rose above those dogmas in his mind and created Reliance Industries .
He also come from the belief systems provided to him about the truth from his
great great grand parents . He is the greatest example of the meaning .

” Samarath ko dosh nahi Gosain jaise Ravi Pawak aur Sursuri ko nahin ” .

Do you know the meaning of the above sentence . It is that like Sun , Air and
Ganges are free of any doshas we are also free of all doshas. Our
entrepreneurship free of any kind of so called doshas .

The Divine light of the Sun God and the Moon God falls equally for all – where
is the differnce .

Ganges flows without any biasses . Sea and the Skie have no biasses . Rain water
has no biasses .

There is no difference at all . The ones who want to control know this very well
. The human race is prevented from the superior , real and higher knowledge and
is misguided into routine dogmas of fear and guilt .

These dogmas have been descending from our pure and sacred great great grand
parents as their minds were also conditioned without their knowing in to doing
what was important for the ruling powers of that time .

Those in powers have known since ages that there is no fear and no guilt .
Religion of any kind is just a means of controlling the human race .

The minds of people are conditioned . They need to be unconditioned to enable
human beings write their own personal Geeta which is free of fear and guilt of
any kind .

Bhagwad Geeta has many meanings for different people . Write your own Geeta .

Lord Krishna never promoted Fear or Guilt .

Even if people might think he did then he has been misunderstood .

He unconditioned Arjuna’s mind from the dogmas to make him win the war .

He sent a message that we can change our perceptions and beliefs systems .

These are the many mafias of the mind .

Enen Nostra Domus said you can change the tomorrow by changing your thoughts of
today .

Materialism and Spiritualism are two sides of the same Divinity .

Balancing needs unconditioning of the minds .

One could listen to a cassette ” Guilt ” by Osho the revolutionairy .

For more refernces search Google for – Lavistock institute UK , British society
of psycology .

Human race has to get out of self hatred , self rejection , limiting thoughts ,
limiting beliefs and victim mentality which has been coming from the ages
unintentionally from our innocent , respected , pure and sacred great great
grand parents , our society , teachers , media , education institutions , and
the environment around us .

We must immediately start loving our selves truly , respect our selves truly and
forgive our selves .

We must love the Divine light of the Universe coming from Sun Moon and all the
sources .

Sky is the limit means there are zero limits .

We must announce many times a day I love my Self .

I love you God .

Love is the greatest power God has created .

This has the potential of changing the collective consciousness of the Universe

This will bring out the meaning of Truth and True .

The planet is awakening . Be a part of this awakening .

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