Past Life Regression

pastlife Past life regression is a way of discovering how past lifetimes are interconnected to your present goals, pursuits or problems encountered in this lifetime. Most hypnotherapists will not claim that experiences recalled in a Past Life Regression (PLR) are actually or definitely those lived through in a former lifetime. Whether or not past life regressions consistently uncover past life experiences is likely to remain open for debate.

Past life recollection is not necessarily complete or accurate. The mind may remember some events vividly, usually the most emotionally laden, and fill in the rest of the story with confabulations. That is typically so of our present-life memories as well. However, whatever comes out of the subconscious mind in dreams, imagining or fantasy symbolizes some aspect of a person’s life, so past-life memories can be metaphors for present-life events and circumstances. However, the consensus is… that whether the recalled experience is real or imagined is of no significance if it solves the problem or offers insight; which is usually the case.

All of us must have reincarnated many times in many places. We have never been anything but human beings. We have been male and female in different incarnations. The object of reincarnating is to complete the wheel of life and reunite with the oneness of the universe; there are beings who while in human form have learned and understood this evolution process. When you “go back” you pick a lifetime that has significance to the present one. Past life regression help resolve an obstacle blocking your growth, an unsatisfying personal or business relationship, frustration, weight problems, addictions or some goals which appear to be unobtainable.

By connecting the past to the present a link is created; a missing piece of the puzzle can be located that may fill an unanswered question about what is and why it is. In this process you are facilitated through a relaxed state for the mind and body and are then led through an altered state of consciousness to the past life. Everyone has experienced an altered state of consciousness at some time. It may have appeared as a daydream, an alpha state upon entering or exiting the sleep process or through meditation. You, not the facilitator, pick the life that you go back into. It is not advised that you do another regression after the first one for at least six months. This is to

Past Life Regression_2allow for everything to be integrated into your path and life cycle. The more regressions one encounters and remembers, the easier your path and understanding of what is happening in the present lifetime becomes. Many old habits, conditioning, negative mindsets or limitations will begin to drop away.There is actually nothing to fear about “going back.” No one has ever gotten stuck there. Everyone always returns to the present life. A past life regression is much like viewing a movie or having a dream. You are aware of everything you experience and when you come back you have a clear memory of what had occurred.
It is almost as though you were in two places at one time. The entire session is tape recorded and you take your past life home on the tape. This also includes the discussion after the regression which helps you to understand how that life relates to the current one.Past life regression is an enlightening situation for anyone who may have a fear of death or dying. It may also include the experience of crossing over; that you realize that death is but a continuation of life. It is only the physical body that dies. There is nothing to fear as the present is only a continuum of the many past lives one has experienced. Many people have strong feelings about something in the past, either through dreams or Deja Vu.

They travel to a place which seems familiar or meet people whom they seem to have known. A conscious ability to have recall is elusive. Many times the answers exist during the regression. Most people usually find the sessions very informative and satisfying.

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