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ParanormalYou must be wracking your brain by now to know what is ‘Paranormal’. Well, Paranormal is not scientifically explainable. All of us are capable of communicating with entities. The methods we employ is an individual preference. The world of the paranormal is vast and no living individual could become well versed in all of its areas.

There are some “gifted” individuals whose powers could be used for both “good and evil” purposes. If these “gifts” are used for the “good,” then all of mankind benefits, but if these “gifts” are used for the “evil,” then all of mankind suffers. We must learn to recognize these individuals and assist them in using their “gifts” for “good” purposes.

If we go down the line explaining ‘Paranormal’ further then we have to ask ourselves a simple but most important question. The single most important question to mankind that has been hovering in every body’s mind for century is, “Does God really exist?” Since the existence of the human race we had believed in an invisible being or entity of some sort. This thought has played a vital role in our various decision-making processes, comforting ailing or mental illnesses and emotions, protection from harm or fear, invoking physical harm against another human-being, sacrificial ceremonies to whomever, religious prayers, and other forms or fashion. It is an universal truth that to believe or not believe are based on individualistic perspectives. This perspective is further based on educational, spiritual, religious and other major influences on an individual. Paranormal is a subject based on various possibilities. As you explore further, you will know more. But you need to have faith, a belief, rest will follow.

POLTERGEISTS The most well known Paranormal phenomena, and also most probably the misunderstood form of paranormal activity is POLTERGEISTS. These activities have been chronicled since ancient times. Literally translated from the German, the words polter and geist mean “rocketing ghost”. Typical poltergeist activities include knockings, tappings, heavy trampling, the setting of fires, the hurling of stones and other objects, the breaking of crockery, the banging of doors, the jiggling of latches, the opening of windows and dresser drawers, the overturning and displacement of furniture, and the shaking and levitation of beds and their occupants. Some poltergeists have also been known to sob, moan, and scream. As these mischievous, attention-getting, and sometimes malicious tricks would suggest, the poltergeist is almost invariably linked to the presence in the house of one specific young person, usually an adolescent boy or girl. But take my word these activities can bit the hell out of you! So watch out! CLINICAL ANALYSIS OF POLTERGEIST Many attempts have been made to explain the poltergeist phenomena. But one solved mystery has lead to another mystery. Suppose we consider these activities are all ghostly, then why would any spirit with such remarkable psychic energy should expend it on such purposeless activities? No one knows why! Recent research have proved that these activities are certainly paranormal in nature. It has nothing to do with ghosts.

Today it has been accepted that poltergeist activity is usually caused by a person in the household. This person is usually an adolescent girl, and normally one who is troubled emotionally, who is unconsciously manipulating the items in the house by PSYCHO KINESIS, the power to move things by energy generated in the brain. Till today, this kinetic energy remains unexplained, but even mainstream scientists are starting to admit that it does seem to exist. Why this energy seems to appear in females around the age of puberty, no one knows correctly. But it has been documented to occur. It has been observed that when the activity begins to manifest, the girl is usually in the midst of some emotional or sexual turmoil. It is also possible for young boys, and even adults, to be able to manifest this unknowing ability. The vast majority of people have no idea they are causing the activity. Mostly they are surprised to find that they could be making the strange things to happen. For them it is not a happy experience, they become fearful in anticipation of that manifested power.

CATCH THEM YOUNG! As the clock strikes 12, the night becomes pitch dark and they come out! A chilling sensation, an uncanny feeling- the ghost who walks! What is a ghost? Simply explained spirit is a lost personality which has for some reason could not cross over to the other side at the moment of death. The spirits often linger because of the emotions that tie them to the earth, from anger to love. It may not have been that the person did not pass because they couldn’t… it may have been because they did not want to. In other cases, there is the chance that the spirit did not yet even realize they were dead. This can occur when the death involved is sudden or unexpected. This ghost might show himself up and often interact with people. It is quite possible to experience this type of ghost and even know it. You may experience a rush of air, a cold chill or even a strong presence. Their interactions can be a little more startling through sight, sound, physical contact and even smells. Whatever happens never panic by their presence. Remember they have something to communicate with you that is why they are surfacing. They will not harm you, unless you disturb them, unless! of course unless!

FOOTSTEPS! We have to remember that spirits are made up of the energy that once made up the soul of some living person. These spirits are not evil or demonic, as some so-called experts would have you believe. Fact is, spirits are simply human personalities, or souls, and if the spirit was a kind and caring person in life, the spirit will most likely hang onto those qualities. On the other hand, those angry and cruel people will also keep those same qualities if they choose to stay behind after death. Yes of course, negative spirits can be frightening, especially to people not trained in the paranormal. Though in some of the very rare cases they have been able to harm the living… but that is generally not the case. It is much more common to hear of an encounter with a generous spirit than with a negative one. Always consider that some of these spirits have remained behind because of some unfinished business is a hard obstacle to overcome. There are many spirits remaining in our world who have left behind relatives and loved ones, or tasks which they feel cannot be completed by anyone other than themselves. They may not rest because of some injustice done to them or maybe because of something as simple as wanting to see their children grow up. The fact that these spirits being still here in our world is actually very sad. In all of our excitement over finding a ghost, we also must keep in mind that many spirits are confused over what has happened to them, sometimes not realizing they are dead. Many of them might have died suddenly. Others cling to life, afraid to let go of something they no longer have. Because of this, they are drawn back to places where they experienced joy, peace and happiness during their lifetimes. Many of these spirits just feel they had too much life in them and thus refuse to pass over. These ghosts often need help to be convinced that they don’t belong here anymore. They aren’t demons so do not try to exorcise them. They just needs to be shown the right way to go and introduced to the fact that there is now more for them in the next world than in this one. There are many different ways to accomplish this, ranging from simple explanations to perhaps a prayer from a clergyman of the spirit’s former faith. You may yourself pray for them, one heart felt prayer has limitless power, try it.

PSYCHIC IMPRESSION Many of the haunted locations, where these ghosts appears, experience an event or a series of events, which imprints itself on the atmosphere of a place. The easiest way to explain this haunting is to compare it to an old film loop. It’s almost like a scene or image that is played over and over again through the years. Like a movie this event can suddenly discharge and play itself at various times. The events are not always visual either, they are often replayed as sounds and noises that have no explanation. You might hear noisy sounds or some murmur or footsteps! Most of these sounds and images are related to traumatic events which took place at the location and caused some sort of disturbance, this is the outcome of the “psychic impression” that happened there in the past. Perhaps, that is why so many battlefields have become famous for their haunting over the years. Imagine a whole lot of army plying their psychic impressions. As you leave your foot prints on seashore, in the same manner the images created by events or actions that were repeated over and over again and cause an impression. There are so many reported haunted staircases simply because of the number of times people go up and down them and the amount of energy that is used in doing so. These locations act as giant storage batteries. They save up years of sight and sound impressions from the past. Then, as the years go by, these impressions appear again as if a film projector suddenly has started to run. How is this possible? No one really knows for sure. But it happens, you must have herd about the famous or in-famous castles of , the hunted American houses or the Russian Dacca’s. They all have these impressions imprinted on them.

MANIFESTATION OF SPIRITS Look, don’t consider me to be an expert on the ways and means by which a spirit might manifest. Yes I do have some expertise because of my long association with the subject. But never ever rely 100% on me, the best way is to depend on your gut feelings. Spirits can be unpredictable, very unpredictable! Anyway, a spirit will usually manifest itself in physical ways like slamming, opening and unlocking doors and windows; strange sounds; voices; cold chills and a strong presence. It may also make itself seen and it will most likely look as it did when alive.
This is a basic fact, but you should be sure, that the visible spirit seems to interact and is not just an imprinted image. You might also get annoyed as these type of spirit seeks to get the attention of the living occupants at or in the location. These spirits are known for hiding objects; moving things about; turning things off and on and other nuisances that would be similar to a child seeking attention. In this sort of case, the spirit may be looking for assistance to pass over or to accomplish a certain task. It has also been documented that the spirit may just be seeking company from the residents, who knows if it takes fancy of you There is another type of manifestation of spirit, or an image. Here the spirit may not interact with any of the living occupants of the location. Unlike the above case, there will be no missing items.
While doors and windows may open and close by themselves, it will be because of energy expending itself and not because of the spirit. Commonly reported in these cases are sounds of footsteps, walking and breathing and odd, usually repetitive sounds. Apparitions are commonly reported but they will not notice the living persons around them and will usually repeat the same actions over and over again. It is much more common to visibly spot an image in this type of haunting but remember, there will be no consciousness behind it. You have to experience all these to get a hang of the whole thing.

READY! TALKING TO THE DEAD It is not that uncommon to have an after-death communication. It is one of the most common spiritual experiences that we have. Unfortunately, most people trivialize or dismiss the experiences as grief affected hallucinations, and cut themselves off from their potential to heal. There are three broad categories of healing spiritual visions surrounding death and dying:-
New evidence in near death research strongly suggests that such experiences are real and an important part of understanding death. It is common to have intense feelings or even visions that someone you love will die. Near death research has documented that when we die, we are conscious and aware of our surroundings, even if we seem to be comatose. We often perceive other realities, and meet the same sort of “glowing ladies”. Theoretical physics and recent advances in mathematics describe at least two other realities, at least in theory. Mathematician Michio Kaku, in his book Hyperspace, states that it is not hard to scientifically describe other realities. He feels the problem is in understanding how we access or communicate with them. Recent medical research indicates that we are all born with a sixth sense, localized in our right temporal lobe, which allows us to perceive spiritual realities. Furthermore, electromagnetic sensing devices of unknown use have also been discovered in our brains. But our current medical/scientific world model is rapidly changing. Our ability to understand and study spiritual visions has rapidly progressed from pseudo science to science in the past ten years. Studies from such seemingly unrelated areas have all contributed in this theory that humans beings are genetically programmed to see and interact with other realities using our right temporal lobe. This is no mumbo-jumbo it is pure science. Near death experiences are not ‘near real’ but in fact they are REAL!

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