The Side Effects of Summer

Summers are here to stay. Its arrival seems endless. With people waiting for a slight drizzle, the worries and woes of their skin problems never tend to cease.

No doubt, the summers have the trendiest clothes, fashionable accessories and a lot of attitude. However, they are always accompanied by the ugly sisters like body acnes, ingrown hair, and sunburn. They tend to trigger our moods and make us feel all the more tormented and tortured in the blistering heat.

Let us analyze all the woes of summer and find out their cures.

Sunburn: Sun undoubtedly is a huge source of Vitamin, but an excess of anything is bound to make your skin feel lifeless. Sunburn may cause an ugly black pigmentation making it painful. It cam also lead to dehydration followed by nausea and fever. Sunburn is usually caused by ultra violet rays. Our body contains a limited source of Melanin to protect it from getting dark. The extreme exposure makes it tanned and patchy, because in extreme conditions Melanin can not protect your skin.

Prevention: The safest way to protect your skin is to be indoors from 10 to 4 where the heat is maximum. Also a generous application of sunscreen is beneficial. A wide rimmed hat can also be worn to protect your face from getting tanned. Wear sun glasses to protect your eyes from the scorching heat.

Treatment: However if you have acquired yourself from the tan you need not worry. The skin has burnt, so a cold compress works wonders for the skin which not only soothes it but also makes the temperature of your body cool down. Aloe Vera and Calamine lotion can be applied to get rid of the tan slowly. Try to avoid scratching the skin since it may lead to infection. Drink liquids especially water to nourish your body.

Under skin Hair: We all love smooth skin. Females would do anything to make their skin look smooth and young. For that they go for waxing or shaving. However many times, the hair is unable to come our of the body and grows inside. This is called ingrown hair. Moreover, the skin looks red and itchy all the time after an incomplete hair removal session especially during summers. It is general caused when the skin is shaved too closely.

Prevention: To avoid this while shaving apply less pressure on the blades. Also try other option for hair removal that is gentle on the skin too.

Treatment: To soothe skin after a shave or wax, apply cream that is light on the skin to avoid any further damage.

Body Acne: small pimples that can erupt in any part of the body are called acne. The worst form of acne is on the face when you are unable to hide it. Mostly it also erupts on the chest and back. In summers, due to humid weather oil glands are secreted which produces acne. It can take longer time to heal on the back and chest than on the face. The reason for this is humidity.

Prevention: Wear loses fitting clothes preferably cotton to release the trapped moisture so that your skin can breathe. Exercising in the summers can aggravate the problems since sweat after a workout enables the pores to clog faster. Try cleaning up fast with a bath after a workout so that you do no build up heat.

Treatment: Body acne can be treated with glycolic acid to help unplug clogged pores. For anti-bacterial treatment apply tee tree oil on the acne directly.

Patchy and dry skin: Summers mean dryness. So while you step outdoors, make sure to cover yourself to avoid dryness. Inadequate consumption of water and excessive usage of caffeine can lead to dryness. Even harsh exfoliation on sensitive skin tends to make it dry and patchy.

Prevention: Exfoliate the skin mildly. Moisturize it regularly.

Treatment: product containing ground up nut shells that can damage skin should be completely avoided. Chemical exfoliation uses alpha hydroxyl acids and beta hydroxyl acids to loosen dead skin cells. Apply moisturizer after exfoliation. Select moisturizer that does not clog pores or lead to breakouts. Apply Gel based products to soothe and comfort the skin.

Poison Ivy: you might be tempted to head outdoors for camping with your friends to run away from the blistering heat in the mountains. But it is always important to practice caution while hiking. Mountains are usually filled with such plants. Direct or indirect contact with such plants may lead to complications. It can further on aggregate the problem with a rash.

Prevention: The plant is easily identified with its three leaves. Try covering your body to prevent direct contact with it. Since the plant is very harmful it can give its effect from a distance too.

Treatment: if in any case you have come in contact with the plant, try washing yourself entirely. Also wash everything that has come in contact with it. A wet compress does wonders to treat the itch. Apply a mixture of Oatmeal and baking soda on the affected areas to soothe the pain. Leave the rash open to heal by it. Use calamine lotion to speed healing blisters. Never break blisters since it may lead to further infection. Consult a skin specialist too for further guidance on treating a rash. Summers are fun. They have getaways and loads of free time. Try to do thing that can not harm your skin. Wear comfortable, eat light and enjoy in the cool shade. This will make summers more enchanting and fun.

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