Wordld Needs India’s Mystic Powers

There was an article on the 26th of October 2006, in HT, New Delhi: Mystified World needs Mystic India. There is a huge global following of Indian spiritual gurus. The rest of the world, especially the western world is highly materialistic where as India is a spiritual power house .

In today’s technology oriented , competitive and highly stressful world, spiritual and materialistic integration is the only key to a peaceful , healthy , abundant and affluent existence .

The famous Indian gurus are : Maharishi Maheshyogi , Osho Rajneesh , Sarila Prabhupada founder of ISKON , Sri Sri Ravi Shanker of Art of Living, Satya Sai Baba , Sri Chinmoy .

The new age gurus are like , Deepak Chopra , Robin Sharma , whose books sell very widely and in many languages than any of the Indian authors. These supermen shape the thinking of a very large number of people around the world. In the process they also add a halo to India’s soft power and contribute to making it a super power. This article has great importance if read in depth. Of the values of spiritualism in creating materialism , it is the spirituality of the God the universal soul , which manifests itself into materialism without spiritualism there is no materialism. Now you move from materialism to spiritualism and at a point both get integrated creating a new age balanced human beings.

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