Two Percent Own Half the Worlds Wealth

A study published by the United Nation’s Development Research Institute found that the world’s total wealth including real praperty and financial assets is owned by 2 % people. This wealth is heavily concentrated in USA, Europe and some Asia Pacific countries.

Collectively people in these areas hold 90 % of the world’s total wealth. Global income is absolutely unequally distributed.

The wealth spread is even more unequal. World institute for development of economic research of the United Nation’s University expressed. The institute based in Helsinki said that it was the first ever research on this kind of subject. According to the estimates richest 2 % of adults own and control more than half of the world’s wealth. Anthony Shorrocks , director of the institute compared the situation to where, in a group of 10 people 1 person owns $ 99 and the remaining 9 share $ 1.The income is distributed unequally; the wealth is even more unequally distributed. With the new age technologies like internet , nano technology , bio technology and the rising number of entrepreneurs there is a possibility of the worlds wealth being diluted and redistributed over the next few years. The examples of which have already started surfacing since the last 2 decades.

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