Relax Yourself Through Yoga

Everyone goes through some typical set of exercise regimes to keep fit. The main purpose being to elevate your spirit and keeping fit. But besides that what we all tend to underestimate is our mental being. While most of the workouts do promise a supple and well toned body, the thing that one tends to miss out on is a perfectly balanced mind body and soul.

It is not important to be yogi and reach the top of Himalayas to practice yoga. Beginners can start off yoga anywhere. In the confines of their home or in the garden. The only thing required is a Yoga mat. What we must understand is that while our body is generating energy form the cosmos, some of it gets seeped down under by the Earth if there is no hindrance between you and the cosmic connection. So a Yoga mat comes handy which acts as an obstacle and does not let the energy run out that easily. Yoga is best utilized for calming the mind and body. The main purpose is to elevate the senses and unite with the higher energy. When done in the correct manner, the body opens up and releases all pent up emotions like frustration, anger, dissatisfaction, unhappiness and depression. The body generates feel god hormones like pheromes that invite positive radiations from the universe. Thus the cycle of practicing Yoga and feeling happy goes in a loop. Yoga is beneficial for curing mental ailments like insomnia, migraines and depression. Besides that it also tones up the body and makes it flexible Stretching poses are useful in lengthening the back muscles of the body. The asana if done in sequence gradually build up Prana shakti and infuse well being for the whole body. Bhastrika is beneficial for opening up the chest and throw out negative energy and bring in positive energy. The whole session of Yoga will allow your mind and body to become quite and reflective with your mental and psychological well being in perfect harmony.

One when you are determined to travel into the journey of the soul, find a solitary place where you would not be disturbed.

  • Switch off all distractions and surround yourself amidst the tranquility of the surrounding.

  • Take some comfortable cushion underneath you so that you are not disturbed amidst the session of yoga. Since you would have to remain in a specified pose for a longer duration, it is necessary to feel comfortable.

  • Make sure the temperature in the room is comfortable enough. Then take a deep breath and relax.

  • Move from the outer world and begin the journey inside.

The Asana:

Passive Backbend:

Lie on you back and use some soft blankets under your back to arch it upwards a bit. Bend your knees a bit and put your feet on the ground. This Asana is helpful in gently opening up the chest and upper back while relaxing and stretching the upper back. The gradual slow and steady flow of energy is felt inside the body through this asana.

Forward Bend with support:

Place a chair in front of you and bend from your hip joints and support your arm and your head on the seat of the chair. This helps in releasing strain for all over the body. Since the muscles of the torso do not get enough exercise, this part accumulates the maximum stress and strain. This asana is beneficial for relaxing the torso. Close your eyes and feel the muscles relax.

Bending with extended legs:

Place your legs apart. Bend forward from your hips and place your head down on a cushion placed on the ground. Your head should be passive in this movement. Feel energy lift up through your legs while your legs and spine are elongated. While bending forward, your kidneys and adrenal glands are elongated too. Besides, the nervous system is massaged in this.

The Dog Pose:

This is a very beneficial asana. Stand up on all four like a dog. Gently lift your hips and stretch up towards the ceiling. Your head should be rested on a mat to avoid any injury. Each vertebra receives space and the spinal discs are well massaged. The mind is relaxed and cooled.

Supported lying twist:

Lie on the ground with your feet placed flat on the floor. Draw your knee towards your chest. Now bend your legs on one side. Then with support, come back to the center and continue on the other side. Your chest should be open and broad and your hands should be on both sides. Twisting is essential for relaxing the muscles of the spine. It also helps in massaging the abdominal muscles and promotes digestion.

Inverted Cleansing Pose:

Lie on your back and raise your legs. The hips should be as close to the wall. Your knees can be bent. Place a bolster under your back to give support. This position is extremely beneficial for the flow of blood. It rejuvenates the whole body. The glands in the throat and chest are gently massaged.

Child’s pose:

This asana is very beneficial to relax. Just like a child it provides composure and relaxation to the body. Lie on the mat with your hips rested on the heels. Now keep a pillow and bend and rest your head on it. Turn your head to one side then to the other. In this the abdomen is gently massaged and the diaphragm stays wide and soft. The spine is lengthened.

Sleeping pose:

This is as simple as sleeping. Let each part of your body gently relax and unwind. The poses that you did should be felt and your body mind and soul should be in harmony. Your shoulders, neck and arms should be completely relaxed. Breathe normally and gently focus your mind on the sensations of your breath through your relaxed body. This is the best mode of relaxation where your every part of the body is in a state of stillness. The mind becomes quiet and is completely aware of the flow of energy. Thoughts and emotions lose their power. In a harried or confused state no bliss can be achieved. Yoga demands your precious time. The benefits are fabulous as compared to other exercises. Here, the mind body and soul are incorporated into one and treated wholly.

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