Your Fitness Mantra while Travelling

We all love to travel. As vacation time starts rolling, everyone is in a mood to get, set and go. Vacationing is the time when you leave behind all your worries and indulge in every bit of the surrounding. You tend to forget everything and relax and unwind in the bounties of nature.

But while traveling, it is equally important to take care of your fitness and take every measure in maintaining your healthy routine. Remember a fit mind resides in a fit body. You can do that by being a little more cautious and particular about what you eat and how you eat. It is important to be aware of your food intake while traveling so that you do not get loaded with un-required kilos when you get back. Traveling on any means by road, cruise, air or by train; it is essential to focus on maintaining your current weight. Everyone uses different ways to travel. Let us see how we can travel and still look glamorous and fit when we get back.

Fit by Air:

Air travelers are the most susceptible to weight gain. Since they are offered with innumerable choices they do not lag behind to indulge in anything they wish to. With the press of a button they are offered delicacies while being perched comfortable on their seats. This can be very harmful for their weight since they can not walk anywhere. However a little bit of sensibility put in and you would be able to shed off those undesirable kilos.


  • Snacking on healthier options like fruits or salads at the airport or just before you leave your home makes you feel full and satisfied. This prevents you from eating those high calorie foods.

  • The airport transfers are the best way to keep control of your weight. Eat light and walk a lot. Since you would have to sit for long hours, it is better to walk around the airport than sitting. Carry luggage yourself and try to be as mobile as you can.

  • Instead of snacking on air foods, simply try requesting the airport staff to incorporate healthy options like low calorie foods.

  • Since flying can be extremely exhaustive, it is best to drink plenty of water preferably cold to avoid dehydration and jet lag.


Fit by Road:

Road journey can seem quite fun. You get to see the fabulous sceneries while traveling and enjoy the cool breeze too. The best option is you can also stop in between and take lunch from road side food corners. Some basic tips can be handy to make your road journey safe and enjoyable too.

  • Water is the most important thing to carry along since it is advisable not to consume water from anywhere else. The water might be contaminated with germs that would lead to several diseases. Therefore do not forget to carry 4-5 liters of water with you.

  • Try carrying home based goodies like peanut butter sandwiches, pop corns and different juices. Try avoiding colas or chips as they make you feel more dehydrated and cause even nausea. So try to opt for healthier options rather than fast foods.

  • If you are driving, try to avoid hunger pangs. Eat at regular intervals after 3-4 hours. This would normalize your energy levels and make you feel charged up and revitalized. Remaining hungry for longer hours would make you feel sick and nauseated. Furthermore remaining famished for longer duration would make you choose unhealthy options rather than healthy ones.

  • Avoid full and heavy meals. Try eating light on journeys and stay hydrated. Take time to stop and enjoy the view around you and then start off again.

  • When you have driven for a few miles, give some rest to you engine and come out and stretch you legs and arms. Go for a jog or play with your kids for a while in some nice shady place. This would make you fresh and ready to restore your journey.

  • Avoid caffeinated drinks and other beverages. Caffeine might make your energy levels higher but when they drop down, their effect wears off and soon you would start feeling restless and irresistible. For stable energy water is the best option.

  • Chose restaurants or road side food corners that serve healthy options. Control salad dressings of mayonnaise, cheese or any other heavy option.

    Fit By Cruise

    Cruise journey are known for their splendor and grandeur. The heavy amount charges are all inclusive of the luxuries that are thrown in to make your journey exotic and enjoyable. The 24 hour kitchen service tends to always satiate your taste buds and make you hungry for more. But it is extremely important to control your appetite and watch what you eat. Smart eating options and taking advantage of the best facilities of the cruise will help you to remain in shape.


    • Most cruise liners offer ala carte food options. When you pick up your plate fill it up only once. Load it with all goodies like fresh veggies and fruits. Avoid heavy creamy dressings or bread based foods since they might tend to make feel heavy.

    • A rich meal at any time of the day should be followed by a light meal. The remaining part of the day should consist of light food options like juices or fruits to balance your body.

    • Be very specific about what you want. Your options to fill your stomach are in your hands. You can choose between fried or steamed. You can always consult the chef on board to make your dish according to your taste and suitability.

    • Fitness should be your main priority when you cruise. Plan to go for morning jog. Go for a dive in the swimming pool. Play volleyball. Hit the gym to run on the treadmill or simply enjoy a jog on the deck while enjoying the view around you. Go for a dance in the disco and shake off all the calories you packed up while you were devouring all those tasty dishes.


    Fit at the hotel

    Naturally the hotel where you are going to holiday will not be like your home. But you can definitely make it one if you prioritize your lifestyle. Hotels are also very considerate in fixing up the right menus according to the tailor made request of the customer. They customize the accommodation and bring in gyms and spas to make the customer feel at home even while he is away from it.

    • Try not depending on the hotel menu to satiate your appetite. Since they might have heavy options, it is better to pick up food from grocery stores and plead the chef to make a light delectable for you. It can be fruit salad or oatmeal or corn flakes.

    • Most hotel services have facilities like gyms. Wear your gear and head on for it. Or if the option is unavailable, choose to go for a walk or jog.

    • Chose the outdoors for a healthy option. Hit the track and enjoy the surrounding while you are in a new city. Chance is you will make new friends while you are being accustomed in a new place and the fresh air will make you feel energized.

    • If you prefer to do your healthy regime indoors, it is always better to carry your yoga mat before leaving. You can also carry a skipping rope. also try doing push-ups, squats with the help of the chair.



    While traveling, it is important to carry your shades, medical box, and fitness equipment to have a safer and comfortable journey. It is important to give priority to your health. So while you are basking in the sun, also maintain your fitness levels by following these guidelines to look as fabulous before you went for your journey. Try returning home with souvenirs and mementoes and not extra pounds of fat. Travel to devour and be in the moment. So relax and have fun.


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