Women – Should she be equal to men

She is the creator of men


O Woman! Lovely woman! Nature made thee,

to temper man: we had been brutes without you

Angels are painted fair, to look like you.”

Thoman Otway


Women Equal to Men

That is the power of her existence. She is truly divine in disguise of human. But it is equally important that society runs on two  wheels, both the wheels must be equally strong to run smoothly. Although legally and theoretically women is now recognized as the social equal of man, but the institutions of caste, the patriarch family and the prevailing value system are still surcharge on them due to the spirit of male dominance or what we call male chauvinism.

But it is the power of emotion, which is the evocation of the infinite faculties of women representing her ability to scale the height of thought, love, beauty, care, affection, sacrifice and the list is endless. She is the magnificent creation of God, a multifaceted personality with the power of benevolence, adjustability, integrity and tolerance. She is the companion of man gifted with equal mental faculty protection and provider of the embodiment of love and affection. The role given to the women in society is measuring rod and true index of its civilization attainment. She is the builder and molder of a nation’s destiny. Though delicate and soft as lily, she has a heart, far stronger and bolder than of man. She is the supreme inspiration for man’s onward march.

If one happens to turn the pages of history (women like Mother Teresa, Kalpana Chawla, Sushmita Sen and so many worth appreciating) role of women stand out in resplendent letters. As she not only has proved her abilities as soft, delicate, emotional and caring mother, wife, sister, nurse but also she is the one who has attained the heights of achieving success in the field of Aeronautical sciences. She is spreading the message of being equal to men by achieving success in almost all walks of life which earlier was considered foreign to women’s nature and attitude.

It is hard fact that when men get name and fame and recognition it takes them to chauvinistic attitude, and they start considering themselves as the unconquerable monarchs, but look at the women’s modesty and generosity she accepts this looked upon attitude not to challenge the world of men but accepts it as a trifle hurdle where like other spheres she has to mark her presence, which is yet to be discovered, which is yet to have spread some vestiges of hope.  Why shouldn’t she be considered equal to men? Why? After all she plays great part in the progress of any country as the mental and physical contact of women with life is much more lasting and comprehensive than of men. “For the hands that rocks the cradle rules the world”. In women is hidden the revolutionary energy which establish paradise on this earth. She is less selfish; more dedicated to duty and have much potency than men by nature. Only elevating presence of women on the top can help bring in a semblance of order in the present situation, where she is looked upon as the mere, pitiable, weak, helpless and dependent creature. Not only this she is emotional, affectionate, caring and yet firm and is the perennial source of aspiration for man himself in the odyssey of life. Without the emancipation of women, existence of Adam was meaningless. She is the cultural backbone of the society. She is the incarnation of love and existence of men’s very presence.


This is the era of women. They are gradually emerging as a force in social cultural as well as political fields of the country. The tolerance, perseverance, inner strength, insight efficiency of a responsible and good being women help in the governance of the country on wider scale and of family in narrower sense. If men have sight women have insight. She has now occupied a pivotal position and has achieved eminence in different fields. Obstacles, yes obstacles are there in her venture of establishing her presence felt as equal to men but she continues to bind it with hope, optimism, happiness and virtue together as by an indissoluble chain. It is her power only that sets her apart from men on the lower rungs of the evolutionary ladder. Rather it will not be an exaggeration if it is said that it is only such qualities, which moulds her personality to a God like height.


But she is the other half of men. She has got her existence from Adam’s shoulder bone not to forget the evolutions of the first homo sapiens. Men and women are like body and soul. Like a body without a soul implies a rotting carcass, left to waste away in to nothingness. It is the sexual character which turns breathless life into an otherwise inanimate piece of clay, transforming it into a living piece of creation. It means it is through their complementary relationship only life is generated, so where is the space left to discriminate between them. There are just small oblivions which need to be replaced with shining world which should echo concrete jingles of equal and hormonal relationship between men and women. After all nothing is perfect.

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