Yoga and High Blood Pressure

With an excessive rise in conflicts and mental strain, the rise in Blood Pressure does not seem a very new subject. The reason for this is very simple. The main function of the heart is to supply blood and oxygen to all other organs in our body. This is carried on through arteries.

But, the excessive strain that a human being bears, is unmanageable by the arteries, thus they do not seem to cope with the pressures and are unable to carry blood to the other organs of the body. This leads to a lot of pressure on the part of arteries to perform the same function it could have done easily. The pressure forced by the heart to accommodate this function is called High Pressure. This High blood pressure can easily take our lives.  To escape from this deadly experience, people generally take coverage by highly strong and addictive doses of medicine to temporarily end the problems related to blood pressure. Blood pressure or commonly referred as hypertensions has been coined as ‘The Deadly Silent Killer.’ The hazards of this killer are uncountable, and it does not discriminate between age, color or creed. Though that is uneasily identified in the early stages, symptoms pertaining to it are hazy vision, Nausea, splitting headache, sluggish metabolism. This later on can lead to heart attack or a stroke or even paralysis. With the greatest ancient INDIAN science of Yoga created by LORD SHIVA and reinvented centurires later by Maharishi Patanjali , Blood pressure can be treated without any strong medication. If practiced religiously every day, the Yogic Kriyas have a calm and soothing effect on the Mind Body SOUL .

Various Kriyas and Asanas have been categorically specified to stabilize the Blood Pressure. Regularly following the routine can easily eradicate the problems pertaining to Blood Pressure and keep it at bay. Before the initiation, always consult your doctor. The benefits of Yoga in stabilizing B.P. are many .- Since it is a low impact exercise, it tends to relax the muscles without straining them. – The mind also gets relaxed there by stabilizing the flow of blood and oxygen to various parts of the body. – With the stretching involved in all the Kriyas, the various glands are strengthened.

Pranayam – This is the most effective form of YOGA Kriya to benefit the Mind Body Soul . It is closely inter related with the breath known as PRANA the UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE ENERGY. Breathing and blood circulation system. With its focus entirely on the breathing status, the mind becomes calm and relaxed. With this serene state, the flow of oxygen and blood to the other parts of the body becomes gentle and steady thereby normalizing the blood pressure rate. Some of these Pranayam’s, which are essential for stabilizing B.P., are:

Anulom Vilom:
This is very good for people having high B.P. Place yourself in Sukhasana, which means cross-legged without slouching or sit on a chair relaxed . The position of the hands is most important. The first fingers of both the hands should touch the base of the thumb. The remaining fingers should be extended. Now, close the right nose with your thumb, and breathe through your left nostril. Now, exhale from the right nose and later on inhale from the same. Now, exhale from the other side. This should be repetitive. It should be done very slowly and gradually letting in fresh air and exhaling polluted air from the lungs.

Brahami Pranayam:
This word generates from the sound of the humming be. The characteristic of this Pranayama is that it produces a sound like a bumblebee. It should be performed while doing a Padmasana or sit in a Sukhasana if you can’t do the padmasana .Now place your thumb on the ear lobe and the little finger on the top where as second on the eyes. Start by inhaling gently. Now while exhaling, make a humming sound. This Pranayam has a very calming effect on the brain. With its reverberating sound, the Mind Body Soul undergo a tranquil state.

– This pranayam has tremendous cooling properties to stabilize your body temperature. It also removes excess heat from the body. The air while passing through tongue gives a cooling effect to lower blood pressure and hypertension. Simply clench your teeth, and inhale forcefully. Now, inhale from your nose.

Shavasana –
This is extremely beneficial. It comforts and soothes the body by lowering the B.P. It calms the body while normalizing the flow of blood. With this Asana, the body attains a heightened spiritual level relieving him from all the accumulated stress on him. You are supposed to lie flat on your back, with legs spread out and hands close to your body. Gently inhale and exhale form your nose keeping the breathing as slow as possible and watch your breath and be aware of yourself . Make sure to expand your chest while inhaling the air in. Practicing this Asana for a week in the morning and evening on an empty stomach would ensure normalization in Blood Pressure. Patients with low B.P. should avoid.

Naadi Shodan or Nerves cleansing
– While attaining the Shavasana, you can continue with this Asana as well. This is highly beneficial for clearing the nasal passage. Fold your legs while lying down. Now, close your right nostril with your right thumb and inhale from your left nostril. Now, close your left nostril with your right finger and exhale through right nostril. Now inhale from the right nostril and exhale from the left nostril. This should be practiced several times gradually making sure it should be abdominal breathing which you may call belly breathing . This is highly effective to stabilize the B.P. in the body. You should be empty stomach beforehand. Belly breathing is full breathing . The fact is that full breathed full lived half breathed half lived Yoga in itself is a form of medication because it not only eradicates your physical ailment, but also keeps your mind refreshed and all charged up with enhanced energy. It also ensures longevity. Besides these Kriyas, a very predominant factor in maintaining the Blood Pressure level, is the fact that two alternative therapies can also be used for the same purpose. One of them is Reiki and the other is Pranic Healing. Let us understand them individually.

Reiki –
We are all humans bearing the flow of Prana or Life force energy inside our bodies. It is this ‘unseen’ force, which activates our energy channels and makes them revitalized. But, with overpressure or strain, these channels are disturbed causing acute diseases including hypertension. Reiki has been originated from from ancient INDIAN SPIRITUAL SCIENCES OF HEALING and later reinvented after centuries by A GREAT HEALER FROM JAPAN after visiting and wandering in INDIAN HIMALAYAS WITH THE SAGES and is very useful for stress reduction and relaxation.

With the abundant energy flow, it imparts a healthy glow and flushes out any type of toxins from the body to retain a healthy living. Form acute diseases such as cancer, migraine, hypertension, to minute diseases such as cold or fever are well treated through Reiki. A Reiki Master can give you healing and energy with a gentle, divine touch and can provide distance healing . People with High B.P. are benefited since this type of healing is very gentle without causing any negative effects. Apart from that people have experienced vast amount of changes in their immune system thereby relieving pain and reducing stress .

Pranic Healing – We are all surrounded by an AURA OR Energy which determines our health. This Aura balances our mental and physical state. It also helps us to recover from any illness or calamity. With modern technology and ignorance towards our basic health, diseases have spread like wild fire. The prana acts like a biocatalyst, which accelerates the healing process in our body. But the ignorance towards this magnificent and most powerful healing process has resulted in high dosage of sedatives, which are silent killers for the brain. Prana is received from 3 sources of Nature- Air, Sun and Earth. Solar Prana can be obtained through sun bathing or drinking water kept under the sun. The Air Prana is absorbed through the fresh air in the atmosphere through deep breathing or Pranayam. This eases the body and eliminates congested air from the lungs . Third is the ground Prana, which is achieved by walking barefoot . Pranic Healing can be regularly practiced to stabilize the blood pressure. By attaining the Energy from all the sources the Mind Body Soul become calm and stabilized. This leads to normal functioning of the heart, which uses less pressure. We have been given this beautiful birth not to end up in calamities, but to live a life full of excellent and glowing health wealth , prosperity , abundance and affluence . THE UNIVERSAL SOUL HAS GIVEN US THIS RIGHT AS BIRTH RIGHT AND WE ALL HUMANS MUST USE THIS RIGHT . Yoga promises an overall development of the individual without compromising on health. Regular practice of the above mentioned Asanas/techniques is enough to stabilize the Blood Pressure of the individual.

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