Yoga and Diabetes

THE ORIGIN Among many dreaded diseases, Diabetes tops it all. Its uncanny and highly prevalent presence makes it the number one disease in almost every part of the country.

Diabetes troubles over 22 M people with a direct medical cost of US alone of over $94 Billion. It has been estimated that over 42 million Americans have pre-diabetes with almost 4210 new diabetic patients being diagnosed on a daily basis. The number is increasing. With modern medicines having sprung up in the market, general public still await a Natural process to get rid of diabetes forever. Around 60% of the patients suffer from the accompanying pain with the disease such as a relentless numbness, tingling pain, burning sensation and acute pain in the legs, arms, feet. Most of them have complained of unbearable pain even more than arthritis.

ITS CAUSESThere are few evident causes love life style , stress , genetic , diet . Some times there are undigested proteins in the body due to bad digestion our auto immune system tends to misread them as aliens and attacks the own pancreas creating Problems .However the is one of the biggest factors .A very dominant presence held inside our body is that of insulin. It is a hormone secreted by Islets of Langerhans, located in the Pancreas. Insulin is like a bodyguard which allows the entry of Blood glucose into the blood cells, thereby providing energy to the body. Defect in the secretion of Insulin results into Diabetes. The surprising factor, is that though the disease is dreadful, its symptoms are not very noticeable thus do not seem alarming to the patient. Although, if treated at an earlier stage, it can decrease the further elevation of the disease or even suppress it.


– Unusual change in weight

– Extreme hunger

– Frequent urination

– Uncontrollable thirst

– Fatigue

– Blurred vision

– Decreased visibility

It can be classified into 2 types

Type 1 Diabetes :This is usually found in children and young adults. With the inability to produce insulin, which is the basic fuel for the body, this disease arises. It can lead to complications like heart diseases, blindness, and nerve damage and kidney failure.

Type 2 Diabetes :This is the result of failure to produce proper Insulin, which is needed to take sugar from the blood to the cells. This damages the kidneys so badly that are not able to function at all.

A breakthrough in traditional healing has brought forth amazing effects through Yoga. Ancient and traditional forms of healing have replaced the immensely punishable modern medication, which are not only easy to follow but have permanent results. Ancient Yogis have derived many Asana and Kriyas to simplify and revitalize the blood cells with adequate flow of Insulin, thereby minimizing excess sugar in the blood stream. Regular practice of Asana has proved efficient for everyone having diabetes. Its effects on Diabetes are as mentioned below:

– Stress is an important cause in increasing glycogens in the blood stream. Yoga practice on regular basis reduces the excess of glycogens by having a calming effect on the mind and body.

– Blood pressure plays a key role in development of Diabetes and related other hazards to health. Other complications like Cholesterol is also taken care of through Yoga.

– Diabetes is greatly affected by release of Adreline and Cortisol in the blood, which are also called as Stress Hormones. By regularizing Yoga in daily routine, we can keep Diabetes at bay.

– With stretching Yogic postures, the pancreas is immensely lengthened thus stimulating the efficient working.

A dedicated approach to Holistic health and nutrition is all that is required for a diabetic patient to cure him from this painful disease. Some important disciplines in Yoga are mentioned below:

Pranayam :As the name suggests this unique form of breathing involves intake of energy or Prana from the air and throw out bad air from the lungs. It consists of a series of steps, but a few selected forms from Hatha Yoga define a recovery from diabetes. The first one is Nari Shodhan or Alternative nostril breathing. This has a very calming effect on the mind and reduces stress which result in production of insulin. Next is the Brahmari Pranayam. It is made by creating a humming sound while exhaling from the mouth. This is also very effective for the brain, mind and nervous system since it calms the mind and reduces the stress levels.

Bhasrika is also very effective in reducing Diabetes since it increases Oxygen and removes extra carbon Dioxide from the lungs. The abdominal muscles and diaphragm are greatly used with great efforts by putting pressure on them. An important thing to be kept in mind it should be practiced under the guidance of the guru or Yoga master.

Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation: Diabetic patients are greatly affected by this Practice; since it rapidly increases the flow of oxygen and blood to various parts of the body thereby administering the production of Insulin inside the body. If practiced at a slow speed it has greater effects.

Asanas: Important Asanas are beneficial for regularized insulin production. Various forms improve the flexibility and stability thus conditioning the body. After having attained a particular position it is important to hold on for a moment and then relax. Various stretches, turns and twists increase the conditioning of the internal organs. Stretching various glands allows proper functioning of the Endocrine system. Several Asanas recommended for checking Diabetes are as follows :

Mundook Asana: Sit in Vajrasana. Exhale out and close your hands in a fist and press your lower abdomen as hard as you can. Keeping the elbows close to your waist, bend down. Stay in this pose for ½ a minute. Continue breathing. Come up back to normal. Repeat this 4-5 times.

Ardhamatsyendrasana: (Half spinal twist): Sit with legs extended in front of you. Cross the right foot over the left knee. Place it firmly on the floor. Keeping the left hand on the right toe. Stretch out your right Arm and twist it around the back of your waistline.

The sole of the entire foot should be placed on the floor and the head and the spine should be straight.  While exhaling, gradually turn your neck to your right, and then your shoulders and back. Remain steady in this position for a minute, feel the strain and pull in your body as you remain in this pose. Now, come back to the original position while exhaling. After a while, repeat this Asana again. The benefits of this Kriya are plenty. The twist in the body helps the kidney, adrenal glands, liver and spleen.

Matsyasana:This is very beneficial for the Spine as it bends it. The procedure is as follows:
Lie on your back with knees bent and arms to your side. Arch on your back while lifting it off from the ground with the help of your elbows.  Try touching your head on the floor while pushing your back higher. This would cause a stretch in the back. Expand your lungs while concentrating on the stretch in your body. Remain steady for a minute. Then come back to your original position.

Vajrasana Mudra: This mudra is in itself an Asana. Simply fold your legs under your hips and sit erect. This would enable to support your spine and make you focus on your breath. Some might experience difficulty in this Asana but regular practice is all it takes to sit comfortably. Other Asanas like Pavan muktaasana, Halasana, Sarvangasana have also proved to be beneficial for eliminating Diabetes.

Meditation: The benefits of meditation are plenty. Besides calming the Nervous system, it eliminates the toxins from the body by concentrating on the area where ailments are predominant. In Diabetes, immediate attention on the pancreas results for a balanced amount of insulin flow, which regularizes the blood sugar level. A balance is made between Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous system. Initially, start off with Omkar chanting and concentrate on breathing. This practice has shown very positive effects. People have also visualized the proper functioning of pancreas.

Yoga Nidra: Nidra is related to sleep. This sleep is very deep thereby relaxing all tense muscles and organs of the body. A stressful situation can elevate sugar levels, but with this from it is sublimed and relaxed and hence normalizes the functioning of the pancreas.

Cleansing Process
This process is very useful for cleaning the gastro intestinal tract completely. It needs to be done in 3 times a week under the careful supervision of a Yoga professional. Take a glass of lukewarm salted water which a few drops of lemon squeezed in it. Drink on an empty stomach before flossing or brushing. Then perform 6 different exercises and evacuate the bowels. At least an attempt of cleansing your bowels for 7-8 times is required, till water is Evacuated.

Attaining good health is entirely in our hands. Obstructing God’s finely created masterpiece in the form of human being is a threat to his creativity. Let your body get to the basics and revert to Nature by following these simple steps to Detoxify and get rid of Diabetes forever. All it takes is a little dose of sincerity and regularity.

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