Yoga and Junk Food

JUNK FOOD! The very word symbolizes bad health and invitation to disease or rather disease. The Junk in the Food is nothing but Garbage. Garbage if piled up can cause hell lot of problems, leading to health hazards. This garbage if piled up in your stomach can cause worse problems even death.

They can start off from the slightest stomach infection leading to bloating, gas, hypertension, acidity, piles, constipation, diarrhea, etc. The food is as good as non-existent. The burger, which you order, contains stale buns with a deep fried cutlet or unhealthy cheese. Cold drinks contain fizz with added sugar and added preservatives. One drink of any carbonated or aerated water is enough to stimulate toxins inside your body; this toxic is difficult to digest accounting for bloating and acidity. Another victimized food is chips- wafers . The leftover remnants, which are nothing but bits, skin are deep fried in greasy oils. With fast food outlets mushrooming in every corner of the city is it possible for growing teenager to resist the temptation of a cozy and comfy place with his pals or girlfriend in some swanky fast food outlet. Here he is at ease with his buddies enjoying a food containing empty calories and devoid of nutrition. This trendy teenager considers the plain and simple devouring food, which is prepared with love by his mother, unready and boring. However, with the mother standing in the midway offering a glass of milk and fresh food or fruits to her teenager is often turned down giving the excuse of getting late for school or college. But living in the fast lane does not bring you to a compromising situation as far as your health goes. Naturally, everyone finds it easier to rush out on an empty stomach and grabbing some sandwiches from take away joint. But little does he know the vibrations or the quality of food it has. This innocent little endeavor can later on lead him to food poisoning or even worse stomach ailments. An added disadvantage is the pile up of calories or extra pounds, which the teenager bears. But, a few and simple measures are easy to make you a sensible and careful responsible adult because if illness is in your hands, so is wellness. Let us take a few simple steps towards good eating habits:

Never leave empty stomach. This can cause hunger pangs and make you more vulnerable towards empty calorie and low nutrition foods. Begin with a good heart breakfast. As they say break the Fast. This should comprise of Nuts, cereals, fruits, and milk. This would prevent you from eating Junk Food.

– Hunger is directly linked with weight gain. A relaxed body and mind can never indulge in Junk food. Researchers have proved a direct link between strain and weight gain. The relaxed and calm mind can easily relate to the food it is using. The choice would definitely be healthier and better than a strenuous and tensed body.

– Never indulge in Diet. This D stands for Deadly which in turn gives you nothing but slow metabolism, lethargy, depression, fatigue, strain, weight gain, hormonal defect and even dehydration. Low-cal foods that include Sodas, chips, sandwiches that cause serious side effects, replace the health food. Dieters are more prone to eating Junk Food because they tend to skip the regular meals of an entire day to substitute for the loss.

Drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday. The body’s immediate call for energy is not always food; it can also nourish itself with water. So, go for that bottled water and drink bottoms up.

– Avoid Street food. The welcoming street vendor with a sweeter smile should never be approached. His list of food items contains ANYTHING BUT FOOD. From dust to flies and even to insecticides, he has it all. You would not have to choose anything from them. They all are yours.

– When avoiding Fast food, gorge on Fresh food for their high qualities like high volume, high fiber, low calorie, and nutrients. They are packed with nutrients and are also filling and healthy. Also stick to whole foods.

Lastly, but most importantly one aspect which can eradicate your JUNK FOOD craving is a dedicated belief in Yoga. Introducing Yoga in your daily routine can easily eradicate all your food problems. Simply practicing Yoga for half an hour daily would engulf a feeling of well being in you. Your addiction to Junk or anything related to that would be curbed making you felt positive and fresh all day. This gentle form of healthy living has been originated from India and been practiced for more than over 5,000 years for general well being.

Now, in the current age it is estimated that millions of people practice Yoga to relive fatigue, stress or even food addiction. Its gentle postures and easy breathing relaxes the mind Body Soul thereby making it aware of the eating habits. Because of its effect on the circulatory and digestive system ailments pertaining to them are eradicated very soon. It also heightens the flow of blood and oxygen to various parts of the body. Repetitive phrases or chants soothe the tensed muscles and mind allowing the proper functioning of every part of the body. The stretching of the body parts diminishes certain diseases linked with joints such as arthritis and stiff joints. It curbs the appetite because after resonating vibrations of Yoga, the relaxed body is fulfilled with all the rich nutrients of oxygen and blood supply, Therefore, the body seems charged up and nourished rather than lethargic or sluggish which one would feel after a strenuous workout.

– Before starting Yoga, consult a Yoga teacher the main points required for a beginner.
– Hatha Yoga is very popular among people and teenagers would be very comfortable with the poses or Asanas.
– Iyenger Yoga is a form that involves standing in a position for a long time While continuing the breathing in normal time.
– Svaroopa Yoga involves healing. This is very useful for teenagers addicted to food or drugs. This form promotes mental stability and heightens mental consciousness.

The benefits of Yoga are innumerable. From its usefulness to its long-standing effects, the powerful forms of Yoga have cured many people regardless of their age or any factor. But, the teenager needs to become more aware of its benefits . Any lapse or carelessness can lead him to darkness where as we all human beings are the light and sound vibrating and dancing energy of the Universal soul the Universal Father .

The youth of today is the leader of tomorrow. If his health is at stake; the future of the whole world is at stake . Dear teens do you want to put your country and the whole world’s future at stake . You guys have to manage , preserve , protect and enhance the heritage of the Mother Earth which the today’s generation is creating for you . So, to prevent tomorrow’s downfall let us make the youth of today aware and awakened . Because in their hands lies the destiny of our country , the whole world , the dearest planet mother earth and our milky way galaxy and the Universe .


Say Big No to Junk foods , Drugs and Addictions TODAY- NOW – THIS VERY PRESENT MOMENT .
Love yourself , get rid of obesity , depressions and disease .

It is a wonderful subject for teens to read and learn to control their urges of their senses . Yoga is the best thing to help you and create discipline .

A new search by David Allison , a researcher of obesity at the University of Alabama , us and his associates published the search in the international journal of obesity questioned the two big factors , junk food marketing and lack of exercise . The researchers listed few other factors which may have increasing relationship with increasing waist lines as two big factors. Lack of sleep , heating and air conditioning , environmental endocrine disruptors, aging population , increase in older women bearing and delivering babies who are likely to be obese . Tendency of overweight people to marry one another and giving birt to babies predisposed genetically to be obese.

Obesity has many contributing factors .
All the more reason to make yoga the only way of life added with a daily dose of meditation to have a disciplined and relaxed life having control over all kinds of factors Live long and have a great healthy , wealthy and prosperous life full of abundance and affluence .


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