Simple Living-High Thinking

A Life devoid of enough sleep, laughter, happiness and extreme satisfaction is something which each one of us is leading. In today’s world finding time for yourself is a thing of the past.

 People are having luxuries unlimited that come in latest modern gadgets like cell phones, laptops, plasma TVs, comfortable household gadgets, modern luxuries apartments, club memberships etc. Anything new in the market is bound to be with the consumer. Inspire of all these facilities, the common man has no time to devour these luxuries which he spent with his hard earned money. The trauma does not end here. He also takes perks like hospital expenditure with the fat income he earns. The amount of miseries he faces stand nowhere in front of the salary he acquires. What is the thing he is missing on? A simple living. This is related to high thinking in the context that his happiness is not bound on materialistic things rather than internal peace and satisfaction.


The major backfire issues that trouble a person are:


  • Varieties unlimited: There is no dearth of varieties in the market. One tends to buy an affordable house but lands up buying an inexpensive one. Same goes with modern gadgets. A purely means of communication like a mobile has uncountable varieties and tempting offers to choose from. The buyer wants to get the best which later burns a hole in his pocket. Similarly a mode of transport lures the poor consumer to take home the best car. All these options require a huge amount of money. A person tends to get exhausted paying the bills through EMI or down payment. This mode of life curbs his appetite for happiness or indulging in the product that he chose with so much adoration. The common man later becomes unhappy and burned out. Although choices and varieties make our life seem simpler but in reality they only confuse the buyer. It makes him lose priorities that are driven with variety and not quality.


  • Over consumption: A large group of the urban population is lured by fabulous offers and discounts which markets offer. This tends to overuse their credit cards and land them into buying things that are later useless or worthless. Things like these keep piling on in the house and soon lead to disturbed energy in the house.


  • Over-population: In spite of education becoming an important factor, the urban man never inhibits in multiplying. This leads to over extended large families. They surmount to large expense in the house with only one person to depend on financially.


  • Road Rage: with new vehicles, a person never hesitates in buying them to ease his journey to the office. He lands up in muck when he is faced by traffic jams. This leads to road rage with each person ready to cut throat of the other person.


  • Work pressure: With family demands and personal priories one has to go though grueling work environment to run his households. He works till late nights and rushes to office the moment he opens his eyes. This overpressure is first not noticeable but in the later years would take away years from a man’s life.


  • Increased cost of living: A few decades ago, living was much cheaper. However, it is impossible to run a household in the same amount. With household expenses rising, women are required to step out of their home to bring dough to their house.


  • Strained relationships: Relationships are no longer compatible and families are soon downsizing from joint to nuclear to single. Women seem empowered with their right to work. In that race of competition they forget to give their priority to their families and the result is that their children are put to stake. This ends up in quarrels and later to divorce. Simple put, there is no quality time spent between family members of the house. Each one is busy.


  • Undoubted careers: With a plethora of job options in the market, no one really minds climbing the corporate ladder by job switching. This leads to job burnout and extreme un-satisfaction in one’s work. Such was not the case decades back where one was employed at a place and left at the time of retirement.


  • Loss of connectivity: With job postings on the rise due to promotions, people do not prefer to stay at one place for long. Therefore they tend to move to different places along with their families. This leads to loss of connectivity with friends and relatives.

Mode of communication: With changing times, mode of communicating with others has also changed. People no longer prefer to communicate through letters that add personal touch and take time. Rather they would simply write SMS or send e-mails which according to them would be quicker and faster. This cuts down personalized touch.

Techdriven: A person may take up the latest techno tool in the market but his only role would be to complete the purpose. Today’s technology is surmounted with add on features that tend to do anything than to solve the actual purpose. To talk to a person in the health care center, you are greeted by an automated machine rather than a person. Your problem is left unattended to and you are in the same problem. So has technology made our lives easier or more difficult.

These are all problems which one of us is facing. To make our life simpler we have to prioritize. Do we really need gadgets to rule our life or inexpensive things to make us happy. Changing aspects to life can be an antidote to living in a complex society. Introspection is good for people who want to simplify their life. Changing locations constantly might not be really important. A career graph can always be worked on if it is worked on a reasonable speed. Throwing out clutter is another step to de-clutter your mind and feel fresh and new. The bottom line is that ever ones want a decent meal, good sleep and basic amenities to run his households. Remembering the following things in mind, one can simplify his life and develop high thinking. Identity: is it true that you are stuck in your job for personal satisfaction or for a high rewards. The latter might not be fulfilling but the main primary objective to keep in mind is the former which amplifies that nothing can be compared to a satisfying life. You are known through your work you do. Take up a job that you feel equally stimulating and rewarding even if you do not get the perks along with the high salary package.

  • Focus: it is important to focus on you objective. Trying to juggle many things will lead to no accomplishments in hand, the result becoming extreme burnout and no positive result.


  • Purpose to live: are you living up to you desires. Suppose you love to paint but your deadlines and extreme pressure job is unable to carve out time to do the thing you love the most. Shell out time to do things that make you happy and not to do things for the sake of doing.


  • Futurist thinking: we all take up a particular task keeping our future in mind. For future, we should plan and think clearly what we want to become 10 years down the line. Is it a peaceful healthy retirement you are wanting or exhausted mind body and soul that are incapable to do anything after retirement.


  • Plan a budget: planning is essential for rich families too. Each member should be particularly aware of the expenses made in the house and realize the importance of saving money. The expenditure should be done once in a month keeping in mind the important things required in the family. This would make family expenses reasonable enough.


  • Organize: to have a clear life organize yourself first. De-clutter things you do not require and you would soon have a simple life.


The primitive man was much happier than the modern man. He had less but he was more satisfied. To have a high thinking it is important to live simply. Begin now to grab a life of simple living and high thinking.

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