The Power of Intuition

We all are blessed with intuitive powers. It is not an exceptionally gifted thing to a particular person. Each one of us has this particular ability in small or large quantities. As children we had natural talent to listen to our intuition.

However, as time passed by, the habit of listening to our intuition died and we started doing the opposite of what our intuition said. This led to unlimited miseries and unsatisfaction in doing any action. Listening to others resulted in doing the opposite of what the intuition says leads a person on path of doubt and confusion. But it is really very important about what our little conscious tells us. Believe it or not, several things; good or bad are foreseen with this unique gift given to us by God. To develop the power of intuition we must follow a few basic steps. This would help us in achieving glory and satisfaction.

Honor your intuition: To give life to your intuition it is important to realize that it exists. Taking it for granted paves way to a negative attitude towards the feeling. Start paying attention to little gestures or small voices that come from inside you to dwell on a happy and successful life. Honoring results in improvement of your intuitive abilities.

Clear the clutter of your mind: Your mind is at its best when it not under any pressure of work. Battling with pressure of work, home you are at an exhaustible end. Your multi-tasking abilities land up in a whirlpool of dramatized confusion. The chaos and clutter makes it difficult to hear your true inner voice. If you cannot shut them out completely try to slow down the process. Give your self a break. Let the distractions and disturbance flow out of the mind. Let the disturbance flow away like a cloud carrying miseries along with it. Let go. Just like the body needs rest so does the mind need rest too. Give some free space to your mind to let it be still and open the doors to your intuitive powers. This can be done with gentle breathing. Focusing on your breath helps to slow down the process of fast thinking. Then listen up to what your mind has to say. Your conscious would be clearer now and actions meaningful.

Yoga: This fine art of balancing each part of the body helps not just the external part of you but it tones and sculpts your mind too. With focus on mind, body and soul, the yogic movements tend to awaken your sense and fine tune your intuition with the supreme power.

Meditation: It is a powerful tool in developing your intuition. The mind is filled with constant useless chatter. Meditation helps in relaxing the mind while making it focused and sharp. This form of calming the mind helps to listen to the intuitive powers more clearly. Chanting a mantra ‘Om’ makes it easier to meditate for beginners. As the mind starts to drift, the attention can be brought back to the present. While you gradually learn the art of meditation, you will realize the difference between mental chatter and genuine intuition.

Being affirmative: It is the best way to tap into the power of subconscious mind to help in reaching the conscious desires. To be in harmony with your mind body and soul it is important to be affirmative. To get the positive benefits, the focus should be on what you want and not what you don’t. The main part to work on is your intuition. So, while meditating, be affirmative on your desire to be intuitive. While doing this it is also important to be in the present tense and not the past tense. Repeat to yourself that you want to awaken your intuition. It is essential to follow some deep breathing exercise to awaken your relax your mind and body before your start becoming affirmative.

Imagination: In the long run, the power of imagination helps to dwell the intuitive abilities more than anything. Working on the imagination is like giving fuel to your desire to have intuitive powers. Imagine yourself surrounded by pristine locations, suitable environments and feel the intuitive powers to help you guide through these favorable situations. Do not actualize, but let your power do it yourself. Your imagination would result in opening up tour intuition.

Dreams: Dreams have a fabulous ability to awaken the subconscious mind. A person might want to do something but his reality state holds inhibitions and he does not trust his mind or actions. He might be muddled about a situation and is unable to find any answer to the problem. Before sleeping, thinking about the situation helps. In the subconscious mind, the intuitive powers help to accentuate the solution of the problem which seems impossible in reality. While dreaming the person actually gets the solution. When he wakes up he must remember to write down what he dreamt of. This would bring him close to realizing his actual intuition. Therefore dreams hold the key to the development of intuitive abilities.

Trust: Very often we feel inhibited to trust any thing new. The same goes for intuition. A person might not want to rely on intuition to take a new project or find an answer to any problem. But if you want good results you must trust in your inner qualities of intuition. As you will start depending on it, you will feel it as a resourceful gift – an indispensable one. The more you trust it, the more you will act on it. You can use this unique gift in any form of life – work, home, play, study. The more you trust, the more confident you will be to use it in the future.

Your soul is your best friend. It remains with you forever. Listen to it to get results that are the best for you. Listen to no-one except you inner voice because its whispers will take you to the path of happiness and fulfillment.

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