The Flip Side of Dieting

With size zero becoming the main interest for people of all ages and genders, symptoms as close to health disorders or suicidal attempts seem to make a new wave in the world. A man or a woman chooses to be thin to look young and sexy forever.

He/she are not aware of the dark sides of dieting. Diet word might seem small but it surely clutches a person and sucks the life out of him/her. A person is unaware that he is going to the path of ill heath and self destruction. Women are too prone to squeeze in their decade old jeans to woo their husbands. While the men seem too engrossed to impress the new babes in the office. Children from schools and colleges are not far behind. Seeing the rage of super sexy and glamorous male/female models wearing skinny outfits make them inclined to trash their lunch boxes in the dust bins and lose their appetite to get the super skinny bodies. Everyone is diet conscious but do they know how they can affect their metabolism in the long race to life. How much life would they be left with this type of eating disorder. The body they are so keen to show-off is under a threat of malnutrition.

People in hunger stricken places like Somalia are fighting their food deprived bodies to live whereas on the other hand people who are blessed with good food simply shy away to accept them so that they might not gain weight. Ironical it sounds, but food never makes you gain weight. It is your metabolism and your brain that is behind the powerful game of weight gain or loss. You tend to put on or lose weight according to your mind. It is the master of your body and will decide where to store your food in the right places. For instance foods stored as fat help to combat stress and terrifying situations where the mind needs to condition the body. When a person is determined to lose weight, he is depriving himself of some of the most important nutrients to keep himself fit. The main goal behind all this is to lose weight.

But, dieting can seem fruitful for some. People who are obese need to control their diet by following strict instructions to ward off their excess weight. They are in a cycle of filling their stomach even when the body does not require it. Therefore the cycle of weight gain seems to never end. Dieting in their case does not harm since their bodies require to be kept under control. People like these need to follow a strict diet as recommended by their dietician. The dietician knows the importance of each food group and tends to incorporate that in a dieters daily routine. This type of dieting is definitely not harmful since it is under the keen observation of a dietician. If this not done so, the person might follow his own instructions and lead himself to a weak digestive system. This might prove fatal for him in the future. Moreover, the body will not accept nay change in the behavior of the dieter. So, he will not be able to lose an inch. To understand the importance of losing weight is essential to understand the category of food groups that are important for a well balance body.

  • Caloric count: For a balanced body, it is essential to have a decent caloric intake. The body if devoid of calories would be susceptible to diseases. Calories also provide energy for daily functions. If taken on a reasonable quantity, they provide strength but if taken in excess may lead to fat accumulation in places like stomach, hips, neck, arms. These areas are fat sensitive and tend to put on weight easily. Therefore a caloric check of food times should be done to maintain an ideal body weight.

  • Carbs: Carbohydrates are classified as good and bad. There are good carbohydrates like brown rice, nuts, grain, brown rice which increases metabolism and help in the functioning of the digestive system. The bad carbohydrates are on the other hand not accepted by the body. They come in foods filled with sugar like aerated drinks, refined flour. Differentiating between good and bad carbs is very essential to understand the concept of weight loss.

  • Fiber: Fiber is extremely essential to throw out toxic weight from the body. The body needs to eliminate waste regularly. But dieting inhibits the system of flushing out waste and hinders in the digestive system. Fiber is extremely useful for this matter. Most dieters stick to juices and other fluids to lose weight. But in this process they lose fiber. Therefore the body is unable to detox and tends to accumulate fat even more. Fiber present in fruits and green vegetables are essential for losing weight.

  • Protein: Proteins are important for the repair of the old cells and makes new cells. They make the body’s defense strong. The foods that contain protein are milk, milk products, meat, and pulses. The body should not devoid of protein at all.

A person’s main aim should be to lose Weight in a healthy manner without upsetting the general functioning of the body. The body needs all these food groups to run efficiently. These are like fuels for the body without which they can damage the inner parts of the body. In order to lose weight fast, the dieter sometimes goes overboard and reaches a stage of anorexia, bulimantion or even binge eating. This might make the person gain weight instead of losing. Anaroxinc condition is the worst stage in life of a dieter where his body is not ready to accept food. An anorexic person often vomits after consuming food. The negative effects of dieting are vast.

Inhibition to be social

  •  Lack of interest in any activity.

  •  Hatred towards his own body.

  •  Unable to see himself in the mirror.

  •  Frequent indigestion problems

The way to a fit body is not merely by dieting. A good dose of daily exercise coupled with healthy eating makes a person lose weight in the right way. Remember, a person can not crash diet and lose weight in month. It a slow and gradual process and takes adequate time. So patience and perseverance are important tools to lose weight and not through strict dieting. Let the mind take over you and make your food intake sensible.

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