The Dreaded Environment

We are all living in an environment filled with environmental toxins to easily harm our immune system. We are all ignorant about the cause and effect of these harmful toxins. Even though the body is loaded with a good immune system to take care of environmental toxins such as cigarette smoke, parasites, Ultra Violet radiation from the sun. But, sadly heavy metals somehow find their way into the human body and can lead to disorders of epidermis proportion. The key to this is awareness of the surrounding.

The house itself is the breeding ground of diseases. Ordinary household items lead to metal poisoning and brain malfunctioning. So one must know how to take certain measures to avoid them.

The metal in the Food chain are a result of industrial waste. They tend to enter the digestive tract through air inhalation or through food consumption since metals are present in the soil.



Toxins present in the atmosphere directly affect our internal organs. For instance

  • Sun’s harmful radiations can lead to skin cancer

  • The neurons in the brain are adversely affected by the lead in the air

Besides the skin’s natural exposure to harmful ailments the brain in itself is not far behind in the clutches of ill effect. The brain and spinal cord are both prey to the lead in the atmosphere. Some of the harmful effects it has are as follows:

  • Irritation

  • Anxiety

  • Nervousness

  • Muscle cramps

  • Tiredness

  • Loss of sight and smell

People who are at risk are usually children and senior citizens who are more vulnerable and weak and are more receptive in case of diseases.


How are kids affected: Children consume more calories in their daily consumption of food. Therefore they are at a higher risk as compared to adults. When the child is growing the spinal cord and brain are more vulnerable to attack of toxins hence making them more prone to diseases. Even more are the infants at risk since they put anything in the mouth. This leads to consumption of highly toxic substances, which hinder their growth and lead to malfunctioning of certain body parts. Dust from lead paint can cause unimaginable hazards for kids. The excessive amount of lead leads to low school performance, memory loss, appetitive loss and juvenile delinquency.




It is very alarming to observe that the resting abode of yours can also be a deathbed to you. With home becoming more hazardous to health than outdoors, it has become life threatening to stay indoors.

  1. The Mercury Factor

Mercury is used in most of household appliance. For instance Blood pressure devices, fluorescent light bulbs, glass thermometers and thermostats. Any matter glass or metal if broken will release mercury vapors in the air. This can even lead to death. Certain precautions if take can ward off any dread in the atmosphere:

Vacate the area where mercury has been released

  • Turn off the heat

  • Open the windows

  • Avoid walking over the spillage of mercury.

  • Keep children at bay

  • Try to move out of the house and call emergency

Women at risk of Mercury Factor: Women are more prone to mercury since they use cosmetics, which contain a heavy amount of mercury in them. Pregnant women should be more careful since the certain cosmetics can specifically harm the fetus and damage his growth.

Dental Fillings: Before going for that Root Canal it is advisable to understand that dental fillings contain 50% mercury. It might cause risk to your tooth and also your body.

  1. The Lead Factor

Lead is the biggest culprit in metals. The brain has a natural barrier to prevent the entry of toxic substance that is harmful. But lead destroys the barrier and makes it more receptive to drugs and toxins. The neurons that are essential for memory and concentration are at risk and inhibits muscle co-ordination. Therefore it is all the more important to take care of kids who can be more susceptible to lead paint or lead containing dust. Even lead blazed glaze dishes containing your delectable meal could be a hazard since that is equally harmful. Specifically antiques contain higher amounts of lead in them comparatively. Pipes made up of lead are often used without knowing the threat it can cause. Since lead leaches into water supply people consuming water might be at a higher risk than those who don’t use lead water pipes. Lead based paint is another source of toxic threat as most homes are painted with them. Inhalation in such homes can lead to breathing difficulties.


Besides such metals others like Aluminium, Mercury, Arsenic, iron, copper, cadmium can cause injury to the body too. Awareness of these metals is a must to prevent any hazards to the people of our society. Precautions to ensure general safety should be taken in public interest.

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